Kris Bundy


(360) 392-2855


Kris is a civil litigator and advisor, mediator, arbitrator and counsel for businesses. Kris’ litigation and advising clients include:

  • King County
  • Whatcom County
  • Snohomish County
  • Department of Justice
  • City of Bellingham
  • Washington State Transit Insurance Pool
  • Skagit Transit
  • Chuckanut Builders
  • Caruh Salon and Spa

Kris also has a busy mediation practice. He regularly mediates cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, civil rights, employment and wage claims, and family law. In addition to the many plaintiff’s counsel and plaintiffs he has mediated for, Kris has mediated with a host of insurance companies and governments and their defense counsel. Kris also does family mediations and a variety of other types of mediations through the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center. Kris completed the Professional Mediation Skills Training Program at the University of Washington Law School in 2012.

Kris graduated from the University of Washington Law School in 1990 and began his career with the Civil Division of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office shortly thereafter. Kris served at the Prosecutor’s Office for over 21 years, from 1991 to 2012. While his primary area of practice was defending personal injury and civil rights claims (and the associated client advising), he also has a wide array of experience in many other practice areas. Kris successfully tried many jury trials in state and federal courts, won many cases on summary judgment, handled a multitude of appeals, and settled many cases at mediation.

Kris left King County in 2012 to move with his family to Bellingham where he started his own firm, Bundy Mediation and Legal Services. His practice focused on mediation, arbitration, litigation for governments and their employees, and representing businesses.

At Kulshan Law Group, Kris continues his government defense work and his mediation, arbitration and advising practices.

Kris also enjoys volunteering at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center (where he was honored to receive the Outstanding Volunteer Award in 2018) and at the Bellingham Community Meal Program.


Whitehall v. King County, 140 Wn. App. 761 (Div. 1, 2007) (co-counsel on successful defense of summary judgment dismissal of plaintiff’s substantial personal injury claims alleging King County District Court Probation negligently failed to supervise the offender that injured the plaintiff)

Parrilla v. King County, 138 Wn. App. 427 (Div. 1, 2007) (lead counsel on appellate reversal of trial court’s dismissal of plaintiffs’ substantial personal injury claims, resulting in settlement)

Carrick v. Locke, 125 Wn.2d 129 (1994) (co-counsel on successful appeal of trial court’s ruling that King County’s inquest process was unconstitutional)

Stevenson v. King County, (lead counsel for King County on negligent release from jail case arising out of mentally ill man’s murder of a retired Seattle Fire Department Captain. Case was dismissed by the trial court which was reversed by Division One. Case was settled for a combined amount of $5,500,000)

Harris v. King County (defended claims arising out of a King County Sheriff’s deputy’s use of force against a fleeing suspect resulting in catastrophic injuries. Settlement for $10,000,000 after trial began)

Joint Crafts Council and Teamsters Union Local 117 v. King County, 76 Wn. App. 18 (Div. 1, 1994) (appellate argument resulting in Division One ruling that King County’s “Car Per Officer Program” did not violate Washington’s rules against contracting out public union work)

Walker v. King County (defense jury verdict on federal civil rights claims against King County Sheriff’s deputies arising out of a child welfare check and subsequent arrest of child’s father for being a felon in possession of a firearm)

Ramirez v. King County (defense jury verdict on federal civil rights claim against King County Sheriff’s deputy arising out of traffic stop and use of force)

Andersen v. King County, 158 Wn.2d 1 (2006) (co-counsel on successful defense of Washington’s laws regarding marriage)

Wells v. King County (class action in federal court arising out of allegedly improper strip searches in the King County Jail following the WTO riots in Seattle, resulting in a settlement to the putative class representative)

Feis v. King County Sheriff’s Dept., 165 Wn. App. 525 (Div. 1, 2011) (appellate argument successfully defending, on qualified immunity grounds, the dismissal of plaintiff’s claims against King County Sheriff’s Office for seizing his guns after a domestic dispute)

Calhoun v. King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, 348 Fed.Appx. 299 (9th Cir. 2009) (affirming dismissal of federal civil rights claim against a King County Prosecuting Attorney)

King County v. Parmellee (filed suit to enjoin a prisoner, who was a serial abuser of the Public Records Act, from filing any more public records requests with King County without judicial approval)

Fuda v. King County (consulting attorney throughout trial court proceedings on wrongful death claims based on negligent road design/maintenance theories. Defense verdict at trial, subsequently affirmed by Division One and the Supreme Court)

Kundu v. Snohomish County (consulting attorney on wrongful death and personal injury claims arising out of negligent road design/maintenance theories resulting in the settlement of one of the claims)

Slater v. King County (consulting attorney on federal civil rights claims against King County Sheriff’s Deputy who shot and killed Mr. Slater during a call at his home. Summary judgment later affirmed by 9th Circuit)

Vincent v. Snohomish County (consulting attorney on settlement of wrongful death claim arising out of the disposal of less-lethal munitions in a dumpster that were later compressed, which allegedly exposed plaintiff to the fumes and led to his death)

Herron v. City of Bellingham (consulting attorney defending against federal civil rights claims arising out of plaintiff’s arrest for allegedly violating a restraining order. Dismissed by the trial court and affirmed by the 9th Circuit)

Nicolaas v. City of Bellingham (consulting attorney defending against federal claims arising out of plaintiff’s arrest. Dismissed on summary judgement)

Wuthrich v. King County (consulting attorney on negligent road design/maintenance claim arising out of car/motorcycle accident that led to substantial injuries to the motorcyclist. Case was dismissed by trial court, which was affirmed by Division Two but reversed by the Supreme Court. Settlement.)